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Lily of the Valley is native over a huge range of temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Plants are found in woodlands where there is rich accumulations of organic matter and acidic soils.Lily Of The Valley LILY OF THE VALLEY belongs to the Lily family, and is natives of Europe, northern Asia, and the mountain region from Virginia to South Carolina in the United States.

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Special Features: Not North American native, Naturalizing, All or parts of this plant are poisonous, Suitable for cut flowers, Fragrant flowers.Lily-of-the-valley contains substances that have activity on the heart muscle.Some have variegated leaves while others have lovely, soft, pinky-red foliage.Now as the spring bulbs, and early flowering trees and shrubs burst into bloom, there is one of several broadleaf shrubs that really stands out, and that is the Lily-of-the-Valley shrub, Pieris japonica.

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They normally flower in May, in the UK which is why they are sometimes called May Lilies, although they have been known to flower earlier than this.

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The lily of the valley always reminds me of my mom and my childhood.

These are sweet plants that brings back all the sweet memories.

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Lily of the valley grows in woodlands and mountains (on the altitude of up to 4.900 feet), on the sandy, moist, well.Chances are, someone is lucky enough to have LILY OF THE VALLEY growing in his or her home garden.LiLy-OF-THE-VALLEY (Convallaria maialis) While this familiar, sweet-smelling plant does not grow from a bulb, but a rootstock or rhizome, it is included here with the bulbs for the sake of convenience.Lily-of-the-valley can be a great choice to use as a ground cover.

A beautiful and spectacular flower, arum lily care and growing is easy.Lily of the Valley is a beautifully contemporised version of traditional floral scent, based on the tiny white flowers that grow in the English countryside.Martha Stewart shares a Good Thing on how to successfully plant beautiful Lily of the Valley pips.

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Fortunately, convallaria (the scientific name) is easy to grow and to obtain. Most.

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Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) has deliciously fragrant bells it's no wonder it has graced the gardens of so many generations - Tesselaar have been growing and supplying Lily of the Valley for over 50 years - buy your Lily of the Valley here.

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Lily of the valley is occasionally cultivated as a medicinal plant for herbalists and allopaths.Chiefly grown for decorative purposes, lilies make a beautiful addition to your garden and are a far less labor-intensive plant than other decorative varieties.Research its pros and cons carefully before deciding to grow it in your own yard.To dream of a lily, denotes much chastisement through illness and death.Check out more information about the lily of the valley flower and explore tips for lily of the valley care.

Like many flowers, they prefer to be grown in a sunny location with well-drained soil.Popular for its beauty and ease of care, the lily of the valley can grow in both sunny and shady conditions.

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Not only does it thrive in the shade and need virtually no attention, but also it spreads readily.

This shade-loving plant is also a tough and reliable ground cover that will grow almost everywhere in the country.I have tried to grow them from seed a few times, but to no avail.Bundles of lily of the valley pips commonly are available in late fall for planting outdoors or growing indoors in pots. 1 Put on garden gloves and loosen a bundle of lily of the valley pips.Lily-of-the-Valley Convallaria majalis Lily family (Liliaceae) Description: This perennial herbaceous plant consists of a pair of leaves that are nearly basal and a single raceme of flowers.Preferring partial shade and a moist soil, growing lily of the valley is easy if you know how and when to plant.They contain a complete plant and enough food to keep it through a year of growth.

Lilies are remarkably hardy, easy to grow, and easy to maintain.Lily of the valley is known for its pure white, bell-shaped flowers and unforgettable perfume.These delicate little white flowers also grow quite well in shade gardens and have a lovely fragrance.Find essential growing information on lily of the valley, including: colors, height and width, hardiness zones, seasonal features, light, and special features.

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Each bulb contains its own precise clock to manage growth from spring shoot to full flower.Each variety of lily has its own bloom time, but all lilies start growing when the ground.There are many different varieties of pieris around with different combinations of flower and leaf colour.

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